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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the number of days at camp ?
Camping days are calculated as one day or any part thereof. Therefore camping from Friday until Sunday will work out as 3 camping days.

Where can I wash my pots & pans ?
Anywhere you like except in the ablution blocks ! Its not nice to brush your teeth in the morning in the company of the remnants of someone else's dinner in your sink... To be practical, please bring with you a small plastic basin, wash up next to the tap of the service bollards and dispose of the water wisely.

Can I book a specific camping plot ?
The official answer is no. Plots are assigned to campers by the Campsite Team according to a number of factors including the number and type of campers on site, the state of repair of the different parts of the campsite, prior confirmed bookings, and the activities that may be going on at the time. We will do our best to accommodate you, but this is not always possible.

What is your policy on the use of water and electricity ?
The campsite operates on a tight budget and therefore we do our best to minimise the wastage of water and electricity. Campers are allowed to make reasonable use of the water and electricity points available at the campsite, provided that the usage is reasonable. For the record we do not consider washing your car, filling up jerrycans of water to use off-site, use of flood lights or any other high-consumption appliance to be reasonable use in a campsite.

Can I park my vehicle in the camping plot ?
No, vehicles must be parked in the car park at all times. Vehicles are only allowed inside the main campsite for a few minutes to load or unload equipment.

Can I invite friends over while I am camping ?
Anybody who makes use of the campsite, including visitors who will not be sleeping on site must pay a day visitor fee. Visitors must report to the campsite office and a tag will be issued to them.

Contact us on campsite@tsam.com.mt or on mobile no. +356 20991526

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